Notes to Nurses

Nurses make a huge difference. And whether it was for you or someone you love, chances are you’ve seen that difference in action.

Now you can send a note to Ontario’s nurses, one that everyone can see. Thank a nurse – let them know you appreciate the work they do and the care they deliver.


The nurses are the backbone of the hospital.....please don't take that away.
Pembroke regional
Thank you Arlene on pediatrics for being so patient and kind to my 2.5 year old son!
Cambridge Memorial Hospital
Thanks to my sisters in nursing who cared for me in Milton Hospital ....what a great group of nurses, ONA rocks
Halton Healthcare
Linda (home care nurse) thank you so much or the care you are giving me. We need more dedicated nurses like you not less.
St Elizabeth Simcoe County
Outstanding Mental Health nurses....caring, compassionate , intelligent, talented,practical, supportive and professional.
Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
Michael, RN
British Columbia nurses support our brothers and sisters in Ontario for safe staffing and safe patient care. Keep united!
Northwestern BC
Linda P
I had to leave Ontario six months after graduating in 1995. Worked three home health jobs without a full time cheque. Good luck
RINC, North Carolina
Is there any way we can help this situation stop. The govt has been cutting back since the 1980s and enough is enough.
Hospital / Care Facility Location
Don't blame Ontario, blame the Harper gov't for reducing the Federal share of healthcare costs from 50% to 20%.
Hospital / Care Facility Location
Thank-you so much to the diabetes nurses at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. I now control my life - not Diabetes! Thanks!
St Joseph\'s healthcare Hamilton
Thank you for the caring and loving work you do for all patients but especially the most vulnerable our young and old. Your work is much appreciated.
William Osler, Toronto
Thanks to my work family, for their incredible love, compassion and amazing professionalism! You are all angels! Xoxoxo
The Ottawa Hospital, General campus
Terri Lynn
Thanks to Nurses who took such special care of Dad when he received his pacemaker. We danced at my wedding! 🙂
Sunnybrook. Toronto
Hi Nurses, THANK YOU! Thank You for all you do to care for patients every day, all day, throughout this province. YOU ROCK!
Hamilton Health Sciences
Thanks to all the nurses that assisted me during surgery I had 6 weeks ago. I was so impressed with their set-up.
North Bay Regional Health Centre
Thank you to all the nurses who cared for my daughter and her twin boys, one who was in the neo-natal unit. You are all awesome!
Grand River Hospital Kitchener, ON
You are my hero and my own nurse and lucky enough to have as my mother!
St Joseph's Mental Healthcare
Former Patient
Thank you to the Emergency nurses, who provide critical & compassionate care in a chaotic environment. You are amazing!
Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Emergency Room
Nurses who cared for my babies and me were wonderful. I have never forgotten them and their kindness 22 years later.
Linda Silas
Proud to say that nurses across the country are on the same pagenContinue your great work ONAnIn solidarity always
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions--CFNU
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