Notes to Nurses

Nurses make a huge difference. And whether it was for you or someone you love, chances are you’ve seen that difference in action.

Now you can send a note to Ontario’s nurses, one that everyone can see. Let them know you appreciate the work they do and the care they deliver.


Thanks to all the surgical nurses who took such great care of me each and every time i show up again! My wife is a nurse and she has nothing but good things to say about the nurses!
Georgetown Hospital
I will never forget the good care that I received at TGH after having cancer surgery. The nurses there were awesome. Thank you
Toronto General Hospital
A Grateful Grandaughter
To the ER and ICU nurses, you saved my grandmothers life. Thank-you.
Winchester District Memorial Hospital
Huge thanks and respect to all the nurses that have helped during my cancer battle. William Osler, PMH and homecare! All amazing
All nurses
Nancy T
To all the wonderful nurses who have helped me through my heath problems. You are such special angels ! Thank You All!!
St Catharines
My Husband had gastric bypass in July 2013. The care he received was second to none!
Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus
When my husband was dying of Colorectal Cancer, visits from Male nurses lit up his face for their care & camaraderie.
Hospital / Care Facility Location
I use to live in Burlington On just moved 4months ago but the nurses took very good care of me when I had my asthma attacks
Hospital / Care Facility Location
We are not fooled by a government that tell us they are hiring more nurses while clotting back on full time nurses
Anna and Marnie at Grand River are two of the most amazing women I've met. Very supportive and caring. Much love XOXO
Grand River Hospital
Samantha Z.
Thank you for taking care of me during such a traumatic time of my life & for gettting me into the OR so quickly!
Scarborough General
Thank you to all nurses, and especially to my co-workers ~ for being an incredible team and continuing to inspire me!
Surgical Oncology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
J Robertson
Nurses have advocated for me while an inpatient, and I really do not know what would have happened to me without them. Thank you
North Eastern Ontario
Sheldon W.
Too the nurses on the burn you...
Hamilton General BU
Vanessa G.
Nurses are the backbone of our health care system; we need more not less!! Lack of staffing leads to deaths!
Hospital / Care Facility Location
Thank-you for caring for me when I couldn't care for myself.
Montfort Hospital Ottawa
Chris C.
Thank you very much for the care, support, encouragement and professionalism during my recent visit to your unit.
Cardiac Care, St. Michael's, Toronto
Jennifer R.H.
I teach many outstanding future nurses in high school biology classes. They deserve a future in nursing in Ontario.
Hospital / Care Facility Location
Thank you to the Nurses in Guelph to help my family transition after my partners fathers death. Your kindness meant the world.
Member of the public
Sylvie-anne J.
Thank you for taking good care of my mother.Being a nurse myself I know this can be a challenge.Know that you make a difference.
Champlain nursing home
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