Notes to Nurses

Nurses make a huge difference. And whether it was for you or someone you love, chances are you’ve seen that difference in action.

Now you can send a note to Ontario’s nurses, one that everyone can see. Thank a nurse – let them know you appreciate the work they do and the care they deliver.


The RN & diabetes educator I am today was shaped by many people and most notably by my own nurse and coworker Denise. Thank you.
HSN DIabetes Care Service; Education Program
To my amazing colleagues on Med/Surg ICU - every day we save lives ... I am proud to work with each and everyone one of you!
HSN, Sudbury, ON
HUGE thank you to our nurses - they see people at their worst, their best and everywhere in between! Thank you for compassion, understanding and care.n
North Bay Regaional Health Centre, North Bay,Ontario
Thank you so much for giving 110%. The the pressure on the poor nurses was obvious! And they want to do WHAT?! Cuts nurses?! NO!
Toronto General Hospital
I want to thank my Mom, who's been a nurse for almost 28 years, for her role in inspiring me to pursue a career in nursing.
Health Sciences North, Sudbury
Thank you to all the nurses on C7 for the incredible life changing work you do on a daily basis. It does not go unnoticed.
London health sciences centre- Victoria Hospital
BScN Class 2014- U of Windsor
Nurses save lives and heal with their hearts.Never been more prouder, ONA you're doing an amazing job!
Hospital / Care Facility Location
I was blessed to have worked alongside real life heroes at sick kids in the hematology/oncology/ bone marrow transplant program
The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) Toronto
Janice (Mom of a new nursing grad)
I appreciate all of the sacrifices and dedication that goes into becoming a nurse. Thank you, Kailyn & to all of the new grads!
Hospital / Care Facility Location
Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. I know many nurses who spend long hours away from their loved ones to care for the public
Hospital / Care Facility Location
All nurses are like angels! We need more not less of these professionals!
Royal Victoria Hospital Barrie ON
I would like to thank all of my great ICU co-workers for being such great and caring people. We rock!!!
Health Sciences North, Sudbury, Ontario
The Nurses at Southlake are the best. But let's face it we need nurses all over everywhere. Hire Do NOT CUT.
South Lake Hosp. Newmarket
The Nurses at South Lake are the best. But lets face it we need nursesnall over everywhere there are hosp. Hire Do NOT CUT.
South Lake Hosp. Newmarket
It is not until you need our services that you realize the importance and depth of our job as RNs.
Hospital / Care Facility Location
Ontario residents deserve to be cared for by a RN when in the hospital. Do no let dollars decide your health care!
Scarborough, Ontario
RNs are an amazing source of knowledge and support for new mothers, including me. Thank you.
Almonte General Hospital
We need more RNS! I support more nurses in Ontario! Their gifts are immeasurable and precious to humanity.
Windsor Regional Hospital, Windsor, ON
The nurses at OSMH ER and ICU provided phenomenal care to my dad this past fall. What a group of amazing professionals!
Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Orillia, ON
fellow RN
To my fellow nurses may you never feel under valued by people who do not know the depth of our profession!
trillium health partners
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