Notes to Nurses

Nurses make a huge difference. And whether it was for you or someone you love, chances are you’ve seen that difference in action.

Now you can send a note to Ontario’s nurses, one that everyone can see. Let them know you appreciate the work they do and the care they deliver.


Maggie Lynn
As a community nurse I see the dedication among us nurses. Weather, traffic, no parking, working alone, overtime, eat'n'drive, broken patient's and families. We love nursing! We are there for you.
Bayshore Home Health
Amanda Mercier
Congratulations to all the new 2015 graduates who studied their hearts out to pass the first ever Canadian RN NCLEX! We are amazing role models for future test takers xoxo
Lakehead University
We going into nursing to help others in their time of need. We love our profession. I would not change what I have done for 40years. I would change the bureaucratic money grabbing crap that rules
Independent Foot Care Nurse, Kitchener, ON
More power to Geriatric Mental Health Nurses who struggle each day to deliver the best care!
Center for Addiction and Mental Helath
To all of my WRH nurses - stay strong. You all do a wonderful job. Keep your head up - we will get through this!
Windsor Regional Hospital
Stop cutting RN's in Ontario. Patient care will suffer!
Windsor Regional Hospital
My brother has been at MET for over a month and has received excellent care. The nurses have made a long stay tolerable, and both of us are deeply grateful. Cuts will damage already stressed nurses.
Windsor Regional Hospital, MET campus.
Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with so many amazing nurses who are dedicated to caring for their patients with skill, tenderness and humour. Kudos to all of you!
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
Amy and Nicola
Providing excellent care in the ED, making sure each patient is treated as if they were family.
Juravinski ED Hamilton
No politician ever will understand our profession, do not know that we are the backbone of society. You can not cut funds to health. We must all be united
Ospedale San Raffaele di Milano " ITALIA "
Kathy K
Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. See what happens when you break a bone?
Thumbs up to all the hard working, dedicated nurses who work often under veryvery stressful situations. Great job girls/guys!
TBRHSC. Thunder Bay, Ontario
Kudos to all the great hard working nurses on our busy med-surg unit. You tirelessly work your best under stressful times.
Hospital / Care Facility Location
Love what I do everyday in ER...Going without coffee and lunches and unpaid overtime ....what other profession would do this without griping RN's the heart and soul of your hospital...Please support us so we can be ther to support you.
Arnprior Regional Health
Jane you do a wonderful job of caring for the residents of Evergreen! You are a caring woman with so much to give these people.
McCormick Home, London Ontario
the labour nurses supported our family through a difficult delivery with skills, knowledge, and compassion. thank you so much!
mt sinai, toronto
Nurses are MUCH MORE than people realize, and know so much more than people realize. Such important work by special people.Thx!
All facilities
Thank you to all the RNs in ICU West - you are an amazing group of RNs who I am honoured to work with!!
Hamilton Health Sciences
Thank you to all the Nurses who cared for my mom when she was battling cancer. You were a big support to our family
Lake of the woods district hospital
Thanks to Southlake ICU & CVS staff for the professional, compassionate care provided after bypass surgery. You're the best!!
Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket
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