Notes to Nurses

Nurses make a huge difference. And whether it was for you or someone you love, chances are you’ve seen that difference in action.

Now you can send a note to Ontario’s nurses, one that everyone can see. Thank a nurse – let them know you appreciate the work they do and the care they deliver.


I'm so grateful for the amazing care I received just before Christmas a few years ago! It was a very long week, and I'm very blessed, thanks for caring and making me laugh! They work their butts off!
Welland Hospital intensive care
Thank you, for all that you do!💗
LHSC London, Ont.
Tamara Lynn
I am so very proud of the love, devotion and dedication my daughter shows to her precious little patients in the NICU
Credit Valley Hospital
You Rock--Thank you
Jewish General Montreal
Anne and her teammates
Thank you to Ontario nurses, who work tirelessly to ensure great patient care. We need more nurses, as our population ages. Keep up the great work.
Stratford General Hospital
A big thank you to all the nurses who care for my mother. A special thank you to Katie, who gives mom a feeling of security in her lessened health state. She always offers her assurance and encouragement
Windsor Regional Hospital, Ouellette Campus
One of the most difficult moments of my life was my grandfather passing away while holding my hand. Your support to my family with kind words and support has left a lasting affect in our family.
Bluewater Health
RTU and Nephrology nursing team- thank you for your support. What a great team to work with. Keep doing what you do best!
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
You are a super duper nurse! You have compassion and knowledge and you know what needs to be done! Thank you!
neurosurgery / ICU
Unfortunately I don't remember my nurses names except for Cathy and Stephanie that I had near the end of my stay. Amazing staff and I received awesome care as stated by my support system thank you all
WRH Ouellette Campus
I just wanted to thank my colleagues for being so supportive in our often challenging work environment. I'm so happy we can work so well as a team and support one another. Love you guys!
Thank you for the difficult and often heartbreaking work that you do each and every day. You and other angels like you are loved and appreciated!
St. Joseph's Care Group, Hogarth Riverview Manor
Thank you to all the nurses. I work with an RN she's the greatest and works very hard to keep us motivated. And help our patients Feel better after their appointment. Thank You.
Yorkville Toronto
Judy is my sister. She has been nursing for over 30 years at Oshawa General Hospital. She is a very compassionate, dedicated & hardworking nurse. We are so blessed to have her ❤.
Lakeridge Health Hospital
CT Nurses
Ann, Pat,Cassandra and Maria. All rock! It was a blessing to work in this team. Wishing you the very best in the endeavors of life while you still care, share, advocate and fulfill your duties.
Country Terrace
Nurses are essential
Can't begin to tell you how much the Nurses make a difference. They deal with us when we as patients are at our worst.
Ontario nurses are fantastic
Thank you to the dedicated, hard working Hemodialysis Nurses at TOH. We roll with workplace challenges, keeping our patients as our top priority. Every day, ALL of us make a difference. Nurses Know!
TOH, Ottawa
Nurses make the difference - it's a fact.
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