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RN Proud.

Registered Nurses save lives.
But only if we’re there.
Why are we losing RNs?

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RN Proud

As registered nurses (RNs) we are proud of our special role within health care and proud of the bond we share with our patients.

By virtue of our education and specialized skills as registered nurses, we fulfill responsibilities that only we can meet. We’re in hospital emergency departments and ICUs making critical, life-saving decisions in real time. Throughout the health-care system, we oversee complex treatment plans, patient-by-patient. When an infectious disease threatens, we as RNs are there to help, no matter what. We’re always looking out for our patients. Better care starts here.

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These and many other complex tasks are what RNs do best — and the reason why we worked so hard to become RNs in the first place. We play a vital role in Ontario’s health care — in our hospitals and clinics, in our communities and even our patients’ homes.

After years of funding shortfalls, health-care resources are stretched to the breaking point. This affects every health-care professional, but for RNs, the pressures are especially challenging. 

At a time when Ontario’s population is aging and our health-care system is in transition, RN care is more important than ever. So why is Ontario losing RNs?

Here are some facts that we think you should know…

  • Ontario lost 654 RNs in 2017. That represents more than one million hours of specialized patient care.
  • Hospitals with a higher proportion of RNs also have lower patient mortality and higher patient ratings of care.
  • RN care is cost-effective, leading to fewer adverse patient outcomes and fewer patient readmissions.
  • Ontario has the lowest ratio of RNs-per-population in Canada. As a start, we need to hire 10,000 Registered Nurses over four years.
RN Proud